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"Comedy runs rampant with a powerful ensemble cast. Lapierre is the perfect criminal, more loveable than evil. Mallard is the perfect curmudgeon; more loveable the less sober. Their comic timing and mug shots are just right as they relish their moments in these delicious roles."

~ BroadwayWorld

"Lapierre is unremittingly endearing . . . " 

~ Worcester Telegram and Gazette


". . . Her drop-in guests include Ethel Merman (a phenomenal Tobin Moss), Bing Crosby (an outstanding Sean Mullaney), Liberace (a terrific Joshua Lapierre). And so it goes with Mullaney, Lapierre, and Bradley delivering astute, engaging, and hilarious characters."

~ Art Port NH

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"Effortlessly [has] the audience in stitches . . ." 

~ Barre Gazette

"His versatile voice and ability to perform several distinct characters [makes] him a truly memorable cast member and performer."

~ MCLA Beacon

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" . . . Moritz’s suicide scene was well-executed and his number with Illse (Jacquelyn Gianetti) makes for one of the best acting scenes in the show. "

~ MCLA Beacon








"Both Joshua Lapierre as gangster Pablo, and Jessica Miller as Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours, the (extra) screwball characters, are delicious."

~ Seacoast Edge

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