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". . . with real comedic flair, his body language and comedic expressions remind one of a young Lou Costello from the 1940’s comedies."

~ Barre Gazette

"Lapierre is unremittingly endearing . . . " 

~ Worcester Telegram and Gazette


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"Effortlessly [has] the audience in stitches . . ." 

~ Barre Gazette

"His versatile voice and ability to perform several distinct characters [makes] him a truly memorable cast member and performer."

~ MCLA Beacon

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" . . . Moritz’s suicide scene was well-executed and his number with Illse (Jacquelyn Gianetti) makes for one of the best acting scenes in the show. "

~ MCLA Beacon








"Both Joshua Lapierre as gangster Pablo, and Jessica Miller as Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours, the (extra) screwball characters, are delicious."

~ Seacoast Edge

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